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WURK-FM 96.3 Community Radio. Is owned and operated by Rainbow Heights Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch Inc., (RHNACW) and is a 501c3 nonprofit, and State of Florida charitable organization.


The corporation is a membership organization as defined by state statute.  WURK 96.3 LPFM is qualified by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting as a community licensee. the station is licensed to, and operates as  a community-based nonprofit.


The community interest is served by a governing board, as opposed to an educational licensee owned by a university board of trustees, or a government licensee owned by a state or tribe or other unit of government. A 6 member board of directors owns WURK 96.3 FM  on behalf of the communities they serve. The board is also the seat of ownership for WURK Community Radio’s other organizational activities.

Rainbow Heights Board Meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month.

All citizens are invited to attend

Meeting Location:

Rainbow Heights Community Center

4309 N. 34th St. Tampa, FL 33610
(813) 231-5110

WURK is now recruiting passionate and committed individuals

for OUR Auxiliary Board of Directors

WURK 's Board members play a vital role in the decision-making of the station, and the Nominating Committee is charged with recruiting potential Board candidates.  Your energy and commitment may help guide our community radio station into the future.


If you share WURK’s vision of diverse community radio, you may be just the person we are looking for.  We’re looking for good listeners who are respectful of others’ opinions, and endorse WURK Mission, Vision and Principles. 


Board members influence the direction of specific projects that include long-range planning, fundraising, marketing, outreach, and technology implementation.  While we are interested in specific skills such as these, it is equally important that board members be enthusiastic, thoughtful, and be willing to volunteer their time.


Potential board candidates should demonstrate a history of volunteering.  We also seek to broaden the cultural and ethnic diversity of the governing body of WURK.


The WURK Auxiliary Board meets at least 6 times a year - WURK By-Law #1 spells out additional roles, duties and terms  In addition to regular Board meetings, WURK Board members are asked to serve on a committee or take part in fundraising activities. This would mean a commitment of about 4 hours per month.


WURK-LP 96.3FM is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which specifies that the Auxiliary Board of Directors will include balanced representation from the community body, station volunteers, Board of Directors and the community at large.  As a “Auxiliary Director” you would be applying to represent one of those four groups.  You can find the latest WURK Radio Policy here:


WURK Radio relies on  volunteers to run the station in cooperation with paid staff members.  There are many roles to play at WURK 96.3 FM and many rewards for being a part of one of the country's most motivated and committed community radio stations.


If you are interested in being part of the WURK 96.3 FM Auxiliary Board, we invite you to apply. 


You will need to complete the following:


2. Write a LETTER of INTENT


Upon completion and submission of your letter of intent and volunteer application, you will contacted and scheduled for an interview by Rainbow Heights Executive Board and WURK Radio Management.


Please feel free to contact the Nominating Committee Chair (see the Application Form) if you have questions about this nomination process. Thanks for your interest in WURK 96.3 FM Community Radio.





WURK-LP Nominating Committee Chair

As a non-profit broadcast licensee, we are responsible for the appropriate use of bylaws to govern the station. If the leaders of this organization violate the bylaws, they can be held personally liable to members of the public, employees, volunteers, funding sources, and other stakeholders. Each board member should make a time commitment, which often means scheduling meetings well in advance in order to ensure participation.